Accelerating digitization
for the new, touchless economy.

WIFI, information + digital brochures

Airbnb, event venue, hotel or bar? Our customisable devices allow you to trigger actions such as direct Wi-Fi Access without the hassle of passwords. Art gallery or retail authentications, and even wedding invites embedded with a Tap to RSVP function, or Tap to access room-service menus, event calendars, and other information. We program any data. 

Marketing & Branding

Share your website, favourite Spotify playlists, connect with new clients or friends on Facebook and Snapchat or share your Instagram profile and build your following fast and efficiently with just a Tap. A real life call to action! The options and social platforms are limitless, allowing you to drive consumer engagement and insight.

Hospitality, FNB & Payments

Tap to order, Tap to view Menu or Cocktail list, you can even Tap to view a 3D rendering of a conference room or any area for that matter.

While we are on a roll, We can also offer Tap for digital contact tracing or sign-up forms. ReadyToTap Payments, Tap for room service or just Tap for City and Hotel information.

Full digital facility management, be it maintenance or tracking equipment inventory, Tap by Tripbit has endless amounts of commercial and industrial uses.

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Flagship NTAG216
- 29mm

(multi usage & future tech compatible)


Epoxy Resin
Tesa® 4943
Fully waterproof


29 X 3.0 – IP67


Sticker NTAG213
- 29mm

(multi usage)


Tesa® 4943
Anti Metal
Rain & Spray proof


29 X 2.0 – IP67

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-13 at 12.13.34

Industrial IP68 NTAG213
- 34mm

(outdoor usage)


Operating Temperature: – 40 to 85°C
100% Weatherproof


34 X 6.0 – IP68

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-13 at 12.13.33

Wet-inlay NTAG213
- 22mm

(multi usage)


Operating Temperature: – 25 to 70°C ​
Fully Waterproof


22 X 0.013 – IP54

NFC reader by brand

We build complete contact-less environments

Tap By Tripbit Infrastructure

  • SoMe
  • Tap@Table
  • Facilities management
  • Payment & Sales optimisation
  • Digital menus & In-room ordering
  • Full brand customisation
  • Website development
  • Custom QR design & maintenance
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